Ng Family

Born and raised in Malaysia and Americanized in Knoxville, Tennessee, Bernard fantasizes that he is a bit of a pilgrim, but really he is an introverted homebody who wouldn't travel anywhere on his own if his beautiful wife, Kyeonghi Baek, didn't take him to amazing places all over the world. As the Small Group Coordinator, Bernard does hope, however, that you find your home with the family of Christ, here at the Buffalo Vineyard.

Schenk Family

The Schenks moved to Buffalo in 2006 to start the Buffalo Vineyard Church.  Steve is from Northern California, and Tamy is from the Southern Tier of New York.  Steve worked in several trade jobs while training to be a pastor, and while planting the church, Tamy works as a nurse.  They love the Westside, and live just a few blocks from the church building.

Lafrenier Family

Westside resident, husband, father, follower of Jesus for 20 years now, Brian has been to the mountain top of faith and through some steep valleys. Brian enjoys talking about the great adventure (both daring feats & defeats), responding to God's invitation, and business development (starting & growing businesses).  Brian is the church administrator and leads the Sunday morning service team.


Kauffman Family

Matt and Jessica met while attending the SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry in Syracuse, NY.  Matt went on to become a licensed Free Methodist pastor in Syracuse for six years.  The Kauffmans moved to Buffalo to become a part of the Buffalo Vineyard Church leadership in 2010.  With the help of Jessica and their two children, Matt founded 5 Loaves Farm in 2012.  He manages an acre of sustainable market gardens adjacent to their home on Buffalo's Upper West Side as an outreach ministry of the BVC.