Our Mission

The mission of the Buffalo Vineyard Church is to teach people the way of King Jesus by regularly encountering God, training each other in the faith, and effectively serving our neighbors. (Matt 28:18-20 Luke 10:27)



Encountering God

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 We experience the power and

    freedom of the Holy Spirit



   Training in the Faith

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             we train those IN our COMMUNITY


                                 LIKE JESUS



Serving our Neighbors

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 we connect our neighbors TO

THE Blessings of God's Kingdom



Our Vision


We Dream About...

…a world where God gets what He wants!

We dream of a city where the powers that oppress the poor, marginalize the weak, and abuse the outsider, are overthrown by the forces of righteousness, justice, truth, and mercy.  We dream of a community where God is present by His Spirit to break the chains of addiction, deceit, and spiritual oppression.  We dream about a church where the shamed are given honor, where the homeless are welcomed into their Father's house, where the hungry are feasting at the great banquet table of Jesus, and the outsiders are given the keys to the Kingdom!

We seek to be a church where everyone is growing in spiritual maturity, taking on more and more of the character of Jesus.  We seek to be a faith-community where those who have no authority in the eyes of the world are given authority within our church; taught and trained to be leaders in God's Kingdom.  We seek to be a church that is a diverse group of people, made up of all of the people groups in our neighborhood, regardless of nationality, politics, class, education, or background; joined together by our common commitment to our King Jesus.


We dream about a world where God gets what He wants!