Communication with God is vital to teaching and learning the way of King Jesus. Joyfully, we serve a God who loves to communicate with His children.

We come to Him with great expectation, humble and listening, protected and protecting each other. As we grow into a prayer saturated community we will experience deeper intimacy with God, stronger relationships within our congregation, the demonstration of God’s presence to our neighbors, closer relationships with other faith communities, and the breathing of new life into the world at large.

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BVC Prayer Strategies

healing and deliverance

Issue focused personal prayer sessions

prayer networking

Participating in community events and joining international prayer events

Prayer Teaching

John Wimber: 5 Step Healing Model

Martin Luther: 4 Strand Prayer

Richard Foster: 5 Prayer Misconceptions

St Augustine: 4 Prayer Principles

Dallas Willard: Faith and Prayer

Kenneth Copeland: 4 Ways to Hearing God

Cross Walk: 10 Steps to Unceasing Prayer

prayer closet

Resources for personal growth

small groups

Prayer focus: I/U/O/F

Training for altar ministry

community prayer

Prayer walk / porch prayer / local events

God appointments: prayer support, evangelism, loving our neighbors

Reclaiming territory & changing atmosphere

Lenten commitment: Seek God for the City

prayer coffee

Informal meet-up: God stories and prayer

prayer email

Prayer shield: daily intercessor’s email

Prayer email: interceding for specific needs


global intercession

Partnership with Palestinian Bible Society,

Sower’s Ministry and Jericho Road

Prayer for Muslim people during Ramadan

Prayer for Hindu people during Diwali