The Kingdom Of God

See the ways of Heaven lived out here and now.

The unfolding story of Scripture, God at work in His people, reveals to us the goodness of God’s authority and sovereign plan.  We are committed to Jesus and His authority as King. When we live our lives in accordance with His ways, we get to experience pieces of the heavenly-age-to-come                     here and now.  



Trusting the Spirit to work in, through, and around us in powerful ways.

We are committed to experiencing and responding to God as He is revealed to us.  We respond freely in worship as well as to the empowering work of the Spirit in our lives through the gifts of power, service, and leadership.



Learn from Jesus everything He has to teach us.

Jesus invited a group of women and men to learn from Him.  He called them “disciples,” or, in more contemporary wording, “apprentices”.  We are committed to learning from Jesus everything he has to teach us; to love what he loves, to hate what he hates, to dream about what He dreams about, and to think the way He thinks.  Ultimately, we long to        become like Him.


Inclusive Community

Welcoming people into our lives.

We are committed to being a community that includes people from all backgrounds.  This can be difficult, but is essential to life with God…  The early church was committed to working through the difficulties of multi-cultural community; we, too, are committed to being in relationship with people who are different than ourselves.  The church must be a community with Jesus at the center, not joined together by culture, politics, musical tastes, or religious upbringing, but rather by connection to Him. All are welcome as we gather to worship and learn, pray and serve, share meals and our lives with each other.


Deliverance Ministry

Asking God’s Spirit to set us free from evil.

We are committed to seeing people freed from the forces of evil through the work of the Spirit.  Addiction, depression, oppression, affliction, and alienation; there are powers and authorities at work that require the power of the Spirit of God to overcome.  Jesus accomplished for us what we cannot accomplish for ourselves.  We commit to praying that His deliverance would come to our brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends, and to walk with them as they start out in a new direction with God.


Justice Ministry

Working with God to set things right.

We are committed to seeing God’s justice become a reality.  God is at work setting all things right, and we seek to participate in His work in every corner of our world.  Here in our neighborhood, we are committed to working to confront injustice in housing, employment, food, health care, and education systems.  


Incarnational Ministry

Being for the neighborhood and of the neighborhood

Jesus became one of us and came to where we were.  This is what it means to be incarnational, and this serves as our model in ministry.  Just as He came to a specific place, a specific people, and lived as one of them, we too are committed to living as part of the community to which we minister.  We want to be a church for the neighborhood; serving our neighbors, not ourselves.  We also want to be a church of the neighborhood; with all of the people who live here being represented in our church community                 and leadership.


Ministry Networks

A hub connecting the diverse ministries
in our community.

God’s people are at work all over our city, and all over the world.  We are committed to partnering with God’s people in other ministries and churches.  We look for creative ways to share resources with other ministries, to strategize with them, and see ourselves as members of the same Global Church.