We love the Westside because God loves the Westside!

…even though our neighborhood has fallen on tough times, that doesn't mean that God has forgotten us.  We are a community that is rediscovering hope.

Our neighborhood was hit hard over the years by the economic struggles that Buffalo has been plagued with.  This led many to leave the Westside in search of better places to live.  In recent years, however, people have begun moving back into the neighborhood.  What was once a community of mostly Italian-Americans has now become home to the nations of the world.

We still have our challenges, but God's Spirit is breathing life into our community, one life at a time, one house at a time, one garden at a time, one school at a time, one business at a time.  Our church is working hard to ensure that all Westside residents enjoy the blessing of this resurgence...

Check out the video below,

it is a short film about Buffalo's  legacy of innovation,

by local filmmaker John Paget.


Check out the film below documenting the presence of

Houghton College graduates in our community, many of them

are connected to our congregation.